March 27, 2011

Whether we like it or not, weather is important

I had a fantastic opportunity to cross-country ski with my two boys, 6 and 8 years of age, at the beginning of March in my home town of Helsinki, Finland. The sun was shining, there was lots of snow and the boys had fun. To be able to do this in March has been a rare opportuity, but we truly enjoyed it. It has certainly been nice to have real winter and new records of snow in this decade. There is also another side of the story.

Local precasters and construction companies have been affected heavily by coping with excess snow and extreme cold temperatures, weeks of less than -20 Celsius. The output of the factories has reduced because the elemetns need more time to dry before they can be placed to outdoor storages. Also, assembly at the building sites has been seriously delayed when all labor is shoveling snow, not assembling elements.

This is just one story of the weather; there are many, many more simlar stories only in Europe. Somehow we need to cope with the new changes. Extreme conditions, whether cold, heat, dryness, rain -> all bring changes and many times increase costs. How are we all able to pass these extra costs to the end clients? Many times we never are. Let's now be prepared for the summer. If things go like it seems, it will be the wettest summer ever, or maby the driest, or maybe even the coolest. But for sure it will not be the most normal summer ever!

Let's enjoy the weather!

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