April 4, 2011

Design outsourcing is a reality of today - even in construction

When joining Peikko about 6 years ago I came to work for the field of construction from a totally another field, telecommunications. What struck me then was the lack of international collaboration in design, which was already daily bread in telecommunications then. In 6 years back there were not many companies which were even interested in outsourcing their design to third countries. Right now it is not only on the lips of many, it is really happening today. Just three concrete examples: 1) Northern European based structural design company is ramping up a large design office in India to participate in the local market, however, to also make basic design to its traditional home markets. 2) A Saudi precaster does not want to hire and locate expats to its company premises in Saudi Arabia; instead, it buys most of the required element drawings from a Philippine company. 3) Vietnamese entrepreneures have a small customer front-end organization in France, and tens of structural desginers working for Franch projects in Vietnam. In some Western European countries an AutoCAD drawing of a precasted wall element costs about 50 euro to make. What if the price is only 20%, the drawing is done in 50% of time and the quality is equal? Would this change to way we make business? And we are not talking about here only costs, but also design time and quality. Peikko's challenge is to be there where the design is made - to help and facilitate the design - and the current presence in 30 countries is only a beginning of our journey.

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