April 11, 2011

Reputation of precast: not always perfect

If reputation is lost, reputation can be lost for a long time.

I was last week visiting Moscow and its neighboring areas. To visit Russia is always a good experience - tall, beautiful buildings surrounded by old relics in horrible condition. Most new residential buildings are today made by cast-in-place/in-situ - most old buildings from Soviet era from precast.

The huge precast factory towns of 60's and 70's are now history because people are now buying their apartments, they are not anymore "assigned" one. And when people buy, they also want quality and individualism. The old precast method where same element design was used in thousands of buildings were all the same, and all bad quality. The enclosed picture tells it all.

How can one convince apartment buyers that the new precast residential buildings can be of high quality? Very difficult - a lost reputition of this building method is very hard to gain back. All this despite that the facts are right, new technologies are excellent. Feelings are something no engineer can find good solutions for.

1 comment:

  1. True - the first impression is all that counts, and reputation, good or bad, is hard to change - but not impossible.
    Precast can be beautiful. There are modern icons all over the world built with precast - starting with the Sydney Opera House to modern apartment buildings of e.g. Arabia in Helsinki, and hotels like Burj-al-Arab.
    Let them all experience, see, feel the beauty and practicality of precast. Show it to them. Use all means and channels from paper to digital, opinion leader statements, excursions live or virtual and many more. And suddenly you realize that precast's reputation has changed also there where it was ruined during the 60's and 70's.