May 12, 2011

Design for cost - but with what?

The old saying goes something like "90% of the costs are caused by design, only the last 10% can be effected during production." This is, unfortunately, true also in construction.

There are many sort of ways to design a building but the most advanced ways are 3D-modelling. Wysiwyg - what you see is what you get - works also in building models. And people not only talk about 3D, they talk now about 4D, 5D, 6D and I guess not after long about many other information is put into the models.

But in essence, 3D is at least better than 2D. There are not too many good players in the market in this area, biggest players are maybe Autodesk Revit, Nemetscheck Allplan and Tekla. Peikko is in one form or another co-operating with all of these players. And the latest news from this Monday is....Tekla is about to be bought by another company.

World needs competition and I am very happy that the purchase offer of the shares have not, at least not yet, been made by Autodesk. We need in this field more companies, not less. After visiting Trimble´s stand back some year ago in one American exhibition and seeing how Tekla´s 3D model could work hand-in-hand with Trimble could really prove that the building was made according to the 3D model. I got convinced that these guys might create interesting things together. At that time it was merely co-operation, now Tekla´s team might be part of this innovative company.

I hope Trimble´s offer goes through, and if so, I wish all the best for Tekla´s team. I am looking forward on new solutions that this aquisition might bring!

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