September 23, 2011

Rusty Dreams

To jog in the mornings has taught me a lot in life. Cities look much different during morning hours and you tend to pay attention to totally different thigns than during the day.

One morning this week I had incredible experience, while jogging at the Juhu beach in Mumbai, India. Here is what I saw: aristocratic ladies walking with their servant, Bollywood star practicing her some sort of fit-out videos with cameras, some kind of male dance group streching prior their term in front of cameras, wild dogs having their morning breakfast by eating trash, early morning cricket games on the beach, fat businessmen jogging slow with their personal traners. There were things I definitely do not see at home in Europe - during one run.

What paid to my attention was the ugly palace at the sea front. The building itself looked great, no problem from the shape of it. But oh my God, how ugly it had become because of rusty water flowing on the facades.

How much the builder saved by not using galvanized or stainless materials? Maybe a lot. But over time, dream had not become true, but rusty.

How much the North American and European building owners owe money to strict norms and tight building codes that enforsces the use of stainless stell and galvanized steel? This week I realized that we owe a lot.

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