October 24, 2011

The impossibilities of EU construction regulation

What an exciting and forward-looking title I have in this blog? But unfortunately a lot is needed to be done until I am able to change my opinion.
On one hand, there is new EU regulation that defines the CE-marking to be in use in July 2013. All products need to follow harmonized standard, or if this is missing, then need to have ETA (European Technical Approval) in order to qualify for CE marking.
Nice try, but does not work in practice. E.g. Peikko´s Deltabeam does not belong fully to any harmonized standard, and the ETA process might take substantial amount of time, e.g. 5 years. This is not because of Peikko only, but also because of the inefficiencies on the system EU itself has defined. E.g. even one EU commission member himself cursed the ETA approval system to be slow and inflexible in his speech some weeks ago.
Now, if the requirement now is summer 2013, what on earth is happening at 2013 for Peikko and e.g. its Deltabeam product? Peikko will just stop producing and selling Deltabeams? EU to declare that although there are more than 6000 buildings with Deltabeam around Europe, although there are 200 direct jobs attached to this business, producing will be stopped by EU because the product does not meet some paperwork requirements?
Of course not, Peikko will still have local certifications in place just like today and we will keep on producing and selling this excellent product. This is merely another story where regulation does not meet reality – and when regulation and related processes with it are not realistic, only some are able to follow the regulation.
Long live the local, country-specific product approvals, the great cause of inefficient competition in Europe !  :-)

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