November 30, 2011

Let´s hope it is windy, but not too windy

During the last days there have been big storms throughout Scandinavia: winds have been blowing and again there have been thousands of households without electricity. But because of wind there is also more and more electricity available, there are a growing number of wind turbines visible where ever one travels. 

I have had the privilege to visit a number of companies involved in constructing wind turbine towers and the general growth of the business is very visible. The new towers are become higher and higher, more than 150 meters high, and thus the usage of this form is energy is become more and more efficient. It is interesting to see how the development of technology is really making a difference – and has put the pay-back calculations of investors´ excel sheets to show plus instead of minus.

There are also nice new things I have learned – why for example fog is very bad for the business. It took me a while to understand this: in central Europe all special large transports on highways is banned if there is fog around and thus no installation of new towers is possible during foggy season. So if one wants to wish good for the companies in this business, it better be sunny or just rain – fog is not good.    
Peikko is also happy to be part of this business community, by being a supplier to many great companies already. Have a look e.g. our real time webcam on our Hamina site, where the company is responsible for the foundations for a small windpark.

Let´s wish that the winds give more energy than take from us !

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