December 16, 2011

Optimism creates development and dynamism – Happy new years of 2013-2015 already !

Whenever I visit North America I am always amazed about the drive and optimism I see there. “Today it is going great, and tomorrow looks even better”, goes the frequent saying. Of course this mindset has seen some changes in the recent years, nevertheless, the attitude is still clearly there.
The optimism is also visible in above construction statistics. The US Construction market statistics 2007-2016 by one institute of McGraw Hill is showing 19% growth for 2013, 31% growth for 2014 and 20% growth for 2015 – interestingly and  maybe  due to “politically correctness” there is no growth projection for 2012. Why are they thinking that 2013-2015 are so great?

On the opposite, while Europe is suffering at least the same as North America, the statistics are much more downward.  The growth for 2012 is -0,3%, and the projection for 2013 (1,8%) and 2014 (2,0%) are pretty mild.
The interesting here is that why are the American estimates so much more optimistic for the future? Do the official estimates lead to companies to overinvest or do they lead to much-needed dynamism in the market place, whereas the companies in Europe are more or less halting all their development while reading the depressive (and more correct?) estimates?
I believe that optimism is always good - let´s forget the realism and look the world through the optimistic glasses. At least it is much more fun to imagine that markets will be much better in 2013, after the realistic no-growth of 2012.
I wish you happy, growing new years of 2013-2015 already !

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