January 26, 2012

First Deltabeam project in USA !

To introduce a product in a new market can be tricky. It usually takes a lot of effort, for Peikko to get real Deltabeam projects on-going it took more than 3 years - and a massive amount of efforts.

For our North-American team it took a lot of time to sort out the required certification issues, start the marketing of the product, convince customers and finally to agree on the first deliveries. Not to forget the fact that production was also started simultaneously by ourselves in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The success for the first project in USA was of course helped by the fact that there had already been multiple larger projects on-going in Canada - it took us only about 2 years to get projects there.

Please see the site pictures of our customer, Mid-States Concrete Industries, at flicker at

The project is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The project is called Dwell Bay View, a mixed residential and commercial space.

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