April 17, 2012

Business can be very windy

I am this week visiting EWEA exhibition, an event organized by the European Wind Energy Association in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It is interesting to see the type of companies and organizations working in this sector.

First, I am totally amazed about the amount of governmental money involved. There are many stands where some regions are promoting themselves to be the best one ever for an investment location. Please come to our area, it is very windy here! Please come to our area, we have nice harbor for your off-shore platform repair ships to park! Please come to our area, I do not really know why, but please come anyway because I am paid to say so!

Secondly, it is nice to see so many companies that have just started in this area of wind. The CEO of the company had made a decision that the company brochures needs some wind towers in it - it looks very good - and that is why the company needs to be in this sexy wind business. To my surprise Peikko is already a very experienced player, only being less than 5 years in this business!

Thirdly, the best visitors are the private investors. It is just awesome to see some person that have done some farming business before and are now coming to the exhibition stand developing their hectars in a bit different way - getting wind farms on-going. They are not men in black suits, they are persons with passion. Great !

Last but not least, I am happy about Peikko and our offering. It seems that we are one of the very few companies to provide a real solution for the wind tower foundation. Our solution is unique and it is just so nice to meet a customer at the exhibition stand to thank us for what we have done. This is the reason to be at the exhibitions, hear genuine thanks from customers! This shot of energy drink lasts weeks!

Have a look at Peikko´s solution at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7k-ayGWfh4&context=C4e31628ADvjVQa1PpcFNkw3QNxutpuy30xkdThbClDkp_fBLnUqY=

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