April 11, 2012

Trip in the ghost town of Sesena

During the Easter time I had the opportunity to visit the Spanish capital Madrid for vacation. For the fun of it I also visited a nice monument of the boom 2006-2008 – a ghost town of Sesena about 25 minutes south of Madrid.
Built by one rich man (supposedly now not anymore so rich) it is symbol of the boom – more than 80% of the apartments are still empty.  And oh dear, the statue of the man with his wife was cute, reminded so much of Lenin statues of the Soviet era. All best for Francisco and Hernando !
I felt sorry for the Spanish people, however, this kind of case can happen in any country. Two weeks before I had seen a similar area in Dubai. The difference there was that no house had been finalized whereas in Spain the buildings had been at least made ready.
Want to buy an apartment in Sesena? Will be very cheap and I can quarantee  one thing - neighbors will not bother you.

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