June 25, 2012

The right building material

For applications near the sea Peikko is always asked about special materials. Sometimes there are acid-proof materials required, sometimes stainless steel, sometimes our own developed surface technique Eco-Galvanizing is enough - a coating equal to hot dip galvanizing. This coating is also very cost-efficient as it can be applied to a certain part of the product, such as bolt, in the area which is exposed to the tough conditions.

So steel has to be in right grade when build near sea.

When travelling in UK, namely in Bembridge in the Isle of Wight, back some weeks ago I was visiting a nice house on the sea. Yes, on the sea as the house was a station for life boats. For the sake of tides the boat house was built with a beautiful bridge on the sea.

What made me to look twice was the chosen surface material for the station, wood. The building was looking great and the selected surface was for sure architectually the correct one, however, I became to wonder how long will it take when the surfaces need to be remade. I hope I am wrong, but I think it is a matter of years in these harsh, salty and windy conditions.

Please make a visit to a beautiful island of Isle of Wight, I truly recommend it. Also the life boat station is worth a visit. But do not build yourself wooden construction on the sea - seems to be not a good idea, at least from the first look of it!

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