July 18, 2012

The Swiss building experience

I had the pleasure to visit Switzerland in June and had a nice visit at EPFL, the technical university located in Lausanne, near Geneva.

First of all, I was extremely impressed about the university as a whole. When meeting professors and seeing the labs, it was really evident how the Swiss scientists have changed the world and will change the world also in the future. The knowhow was visible, also the international touch - also due to the fact that many students were coming outside Switzerland. Back in early 90s I was also studying short while myself in Switzerland and this visit brought back many (good) memories.

Secondly, I visited the recently build center building for the university, the place where all the students meet for cafeteria and group works etc. This Rolex-building was a very interesting experience - the whole structure was just so different. The structural engineers had spend really hours to calculate the loads and to find solutions - the building was just odd shapes alltogether.

Again the Swiss have made something marvellous ! I recommend anybody interested in great architechture to visit this site. And the serving in the student coffee shop was not a bad one either :-)

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