September 21, 2012

Can you be happy with smog?

When travelling in China, the first thing that one is paying attention to is the color of the sky. It is not blue. It is not white. It is grey. First you wonder, then you start to feel sorrow and empathetic for the Chinese people. Why do they have to live in man-made smoggy conditions similar to Germany or UK some 100 years ago?  On the left you can see a picture of the "blue" sky of China, how blue the sky was this week - without any real clouds around.

The funny thing is that all the real estate commercials and advertisements have complete blue skies – so blue that it is almost feeling like a joke when you see the reality.
In my trip this week to China I saw again a lot of construction activity on-going. I was also myself visiting some construction sites – massive projects with massive number of people working there. I was also amazed about the salary levels explained to me. Particularly in the coastal areas workforce is no longer as cheap as it used to be and not as easily available. There is definitely room now for efficiency, also in the form of precast construction.  I wish the precast machinery manufacturers and their sales force are now very active in this country! Efficiency and environmental considerations are needed for construction, not only on most smog-causing coal power plants.
But to answer the question of the title, can one really be happy when not seeing really the sun? I think one can, but I still believe one can be more happy if the sky is blue. 

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