October 2, 2012

Introducing new techniques: floor joints in Turkey

New techniques, particularly in the world of construction, take a lot of time to penetrate new markets. This we face at Peikko all too often – our teams are totally frustrated when simple new innovations are not taken into use, however logical they might be.
On example where this happened in a very nice way is a recent project in Turkey we did for a large Turkish retailer. Like in many countries the retailer had had problems with the concrete floors, particularly in its warehouses. With a consultation of Peikko Turkey a flooring solution was designed for the new distribution center and the end result was very good. The investor specified the flooring, the general constructor supported the use of a new product and the flooring company responsible for the work did a excellent work – considering the fact that they used the products first time.
End result – crack-free, high-quality flooring for warehouse to be used for many years to come. The first Tera Joint project in Turkey for Peikko.
In many cases It takes at least 3 things to get new building technique into use: 1) smart investor to insist it, 2) good training and planning, and 3) quality team to use the product first time. All these three were in place in this Turkish project.

I hope there are many more Tera Joint projects to come not only in Turkey , but also in other countries as well.

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