November 23, 2012

The sunny future of the Czech Republic

The solar field near Prague
 Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Czech Republic and fairly close to the Prague airport I saw a mysterous sight. In this heavily foggy and rainy day there opened up hectars and hectars of solar power fields in front of me. The scale of the field was pretty amazing.

What made the experience also more odd was the rain and fog - somehow I started to feel bad for the investors already. In Europe we are pretty desperate to invent new sustainable energy sources but in that day this investment had no pay-back. But yes, I know, sun can also shine in the Czech Republic also.

Peikko is also somehow involved in the this new power field as well. We just recently delivered more than 20.000 pcs of our BSA-anchors for a solar power filed in Chile, South America. What is pretty interesting in this venture is the fact that the project in Chile is the biggest of its kind in the World, financed by the Codelco Mining, a company that owns and runs the copper mines in Chile. 

I hope the sustainable energy sources will be more in the world. Hopefully some also with Peikko anchors as well..... :-)

Peikko BSA anchor

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