December 21, 2012

The New Year of 2013 will be great

Peikko head-office in Lahti, Finland, 21.12.2012, with a lot of snow around.

In a story a stereotypical American is saying that "this year was really good, and next year will be even better". The optimism in North America is such that many people in Europe or elsewhere just cannot understand it. And I think they are wrong, because Americans are just so much better with this respect.

In my home country in Northern Europe I can many times hear that "Pessimists will never be disappointed". Obviously this is true, but how many opportunities we are just losing when being pessimists. Probably a lot of missed opportunities.

I am the first one to admit that in our company Peikko many things are wrong, however, in general we are a very optimistic company. Based on e.g. turnover this year of 2012 we grew from 105 M€ (2011)  to some level of 112-113 M€ of sales. Not bad under the current economic circumstances. Again, we believe that next year we will grow much more. We have reasons to believe that, but we also just believe in that, just a pure belief. And it helps to reach our goals.

Because the next year of 2013 will be great, it is easy for me to wish also to you A HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2013! Let´s be optimistic and change our world, e.g. the construction business, to be a better place.

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