January 11, 2013

Column Shoes - if for nothing else, for the sake of money

Some time ago I visited a precaster in Central Europe. I was there together with our local Sales Director and what impressed me were the persons involved in the meeting. There were people from purchasing, administration and top management present.

If a supplier comes to Peikko, how many time I am myself present in the meeting? Only for very important suppliers. And I was very honored to realize this during my meeting at this customer. In addition, the people in the meeting also had time and knew a lot about us and our products.

The customer was making huge precast columns for various large-scale industrial projects. The explained how the usage of Peikko column shoes is really helping them, in fact most columns seemed to be made by using column shoes. As the customer is also a construction company they will get all the benefits from faster and more precise assembly to themselves, not to talk about benefits at this factory I visited.

It was nice to see a satisfied customer, great to make people pleased by helping their work. These moments are the moments one remembers! And this is the value of Peikko as a company - customers that trust us.

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