February 25, 2013

Are 80.000 pieces of column shoes a lot or just something ordinary?

Once upon time during 80s Peikko developed the very first column connections for column to foundation, and we created our own word for them – columns shoes. During the last 30 or so years there have been big and small projects. The biggest projects by far have been various paper and pulp factories made from precast concrete.

The projects we have just started deliveries are massive ones when considering the amounts of parts. Even though not necessarily our biggest projects in money value, to be involved in two projects that consume 40.000 pieces of these shoes each, is significant.

But is 80.000 shoes a lot? One can make a quite a big construction project with these materials. For us at least it is – our welding robots run like maniacs at the moment in our factories J. And to be involved in these kind of large scale residential projects clearly tells that Peikko´s connection system is a competitive one.
Special note for the competitors: Sorry, cannot tell the project names and where they take place, please keep on reading Concrete Connection –magazine and you will eventually find out.

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