February 7, 2013

Product life cycle of 48-years – Peikko PD-tie for sandwich wall elements

Most of us have a cellular phone, but whose phone is more than 2-year old? Ok, mine is a 4-year old Nokia. Most of us have a computer, but whose computer is more than 3-year old? Even mine is only 2-years old Lenovo. After all this new product version we are facing every single day it is just amazing to recognize that our company is currently manufacturing a similar product than we started with, a PD-tie used for sandwich wall element, already for 48 consecutive years. Can´t we just not innovative anything better or is the product just so good that there is nothing to do anymore?

Just recently we found out a residential precast building made by sandwich wall elements from 1976 that was torn down to give space for a new elderly home construction project.  We took large samples of the elements and our PD ties that had been in use for almost 40 years. And the tests done by the VTT Institute in Finland were amazing: products were as good as new one.  Wow!

Please see some pictures of below, also all kinds of tests and pictures were taking with various machines.

It is no wonder we are still keep on selling the product for sandwich element producers, even increasing the sales as we now have increased our manufacturing capacity not only in our Finland factory, but also in Russia and UAE.

The only thing I can say is…..long live the PD tie !

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