February 15, 2013

The benefits of job rotation: Finland, Slovakia, Lithuania and Gulf

I am a great believer of job rotation. I have myself had many different kinds of jobs, after some careful counting in my career within four companies I have had at least 12 different kinds of business cards. We need to put ourselves and our organization in new or revised positions - otherwise we have a great danger to get stuck.

One of the biggest changes at Peikko on-going right now is the management changes in four units. No person is leaving Peikko, but people have different tasks, in some cases even in a different country. In principle we have 6 large-scale factories at Peikko and now 4 of those will have a new captain.

In short: Group CFO will head Peikko Finland, Peikko Finland leader will lead Peikko Slovakia, Peikko Slovakia leader will lead Peikko Lithuania, Peikko Lithuania leader will lead Peikko Gulf, Peikko Gulf leader will focus on major customer development in the area.  And after all, there will be a new CFO hired soon (if you are interested, send you application fast to us!).

Some people have told me that this is crazy – I have gone nuts; this is just not going to work out. Some are nervous about the coming changes. Nevertheless, there are many in favor and are looking enthusiastic on how much better we are able to serve our customers after these changes. 

Customers in Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia and Gulf area: be aware that there are now guys at Peikko working that are very eager to impress you and guide the business to better serve you. Take the benefit of the situation!

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