April 5, 2013

TERA Joint floorjoints & Australia

Peikko´s sales activities in Australia started during fall 2012, yet there are already a plentiful projects ordered and delivered in the region. The business started by our high quality floor joint of TERA Joint, with main focus on the East Coast of Australia. >

The main elements of success have been price, availability and quality. This seems to be like a no-brainer – how could you do any business in other way.  But let´s look at the details of these premises.
First of all, main items come to Australia to our fairly large factory in China. Based on the economies of scale, advantages in steel purchasing etc. our costs are reasonable and thus the prices we can sell are reasonable as well. We want our prices to be safe, not opportunistic.

Secondly, the availability is the key for any material in the construction business. This has meant for us to build quite extensive storage operations right from the very start in the Sydney area. Plus our factory has been very flexible in delivery times. And we have been determined not to overpromise our delivery times from factory either.

Peikko´s Trent Davis works from Sydney

Thirdly, with regards to product quality we have been surprised of the quality issues on the material so far used in the market. It looks like we really have a good and fitting product in the market.
I hope we can further develop the three things above and long-term successfully serve our new customers in Australia!


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