May 13, 2013

Poland: Deltabeams and PSB Punching Systems

It is always very rewarding to get to deliver products in prestige projects. It is more fun to know that our items have ended up in nice-looking buildings in city centers than just in some industry hall in the middle of nowhere, although from the technical challenge point of view the latter could even be more demanding. The recent two nice project received were in Poland.

In South of Poland, the city of Cracow, Peikko is honored to deliver our composite beams, Deltabeams (see more at Deltabeam product information) , for a project of “Kapelanka 42”. The customer for us in this case is SKANSKA, and the project is a premium class office complex located in this historic, second largest city in the country. There will be almost 2 km of Deltabeams to be delivered, starting in July onwards.
In the Capital of Poland, Peikko will deliver punching reinforcement (PSB, see more at PSB Reinforcement System)  for Warsaw Spire project – an office building located in the centre of Warsaw. Warsaw Spire with total height of 220 m will be the second highest building in Poland. The total office space amounts to 100 000 square meters. The Warsaw Spire project received a prestigious architectural design award in 2011. The deliveries start this month.

It is interesting to see that modern building techniques are the everyday life in Poland.  And I am very proud that Peikko can be part of this development!

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