June 30, 2013

Concrete Connections & Deltabeams on vacation

It is amazing how difficult it is to forget work when being on holidays. Have you had the same feeling as well? Or is this only my battle...?
Middle of the June I was having holidays with my family in Usedom, Germany and on our way there we saw many wind turbine towers under assembly. I could not help to give a lecture to my children how Peikko´s products can be used in this kind of applications. In this spot at the former Eastern Germany it was not that difficult, so many projects were on-going. One of my sons calculated more than 150 wind turbine towers just be looking around from a car in one place! One of the most forward looking industries also trusts Peikko.
Yesterday I visited a city of Tampere in Finland where we were meeting some relatives, and oh well, at the Stockmann expansion project I saw the Deltabeams being assembled - and of course we had to stop to watch. Stockmann is a department store chain very strong in Finland but also in Russia. Even some best brands trust Peikko.
I feel quite priviliged to be working for an industry where things are tangible and can be seen. It is quite easy to explain to friends and relatives on what I do and where they can find Peikko´s items. But sometimes it is too easy, I cannot stop telling these stories...or only when my wife gives some clear hints to stop :-).
Let us have vacation some times where we do not think about the work. For me it is tough one, I hope for you it is much more easier!
Given that your vacation period starts soon - have a great vacation !


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