July 30, 2013

Greenfield of Peikko Germany

The overview of Peikko Germany, a real GREENFIELD investment over the last 7-8 years. Please note the solar panels on the top of the factory halls !
 I am getting frequently news from recent investment projects cited on various newspapers to my e-mail account. It is very rewarding to read through this information, because even in Europe there is a lot of developments on-going. One can not be pessimistic after reading all these to-be projects.

Surprisingly, I was last week caught with a surprise - there was article about Peikko and in fact all the details were correct ! A German magazine had explained our investments in Germany, see the article at http://www.hna.de/lokales/korbach-waldeck/fester-halt-waldeck-verbindungselemente-hochbau-3004450.html
Yes, we are investing in machinery, and yes, we are also investing in Germany.  We believe our Höringhausen site is long-term beneficial production place and we have been lucky to get excellent persons to work there.

I hope through these investments we can support our Central European customers even with better lead-times and be even more cost-efficient with our services !

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