October 8, 2013

Quality matters – or does it really?

When travelling in the Middle East it just many times amazes me how poor the construction quality can sometimes be. Of course not in all cities.  Of course not in all circumstances.  But unfortunately too often one can see attempts to build something that even I can myself could do much better. And trust me, I cannot build myself anything J.

Please have a look at the enclosed examples, they are taken in a fancy factory project under construction. The buildings were meant to resemble some gate houses in this factory area. Have a look on how the bricks are laid; even my 9-year-old son could understand this is bad quality.
How is possible that somebody can work this lousy, is there no pride at all what one does? Who has controlled the work? Does it really not matter? Is the intention just to cover with blaster and paint, prior things start to collapse…?

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