December 23, 2013

Deltabeam car parks in Russia

Residential buildings need also places for the most loved family members, cars. The parking places take a lot of space, and in most countries the amount of cars per apartment is very well defined in the building permit.
Russia is not an exception - parking lots are a must in residential projects. And like in all the countries, constructing the car parks is not very easy. Typical way of constructing is in-situ casting, taking a lot of time. 
In St.Petersburg there is a project under construction at the moment where the 2-storey-high parking structure is build under the yard, in the middle of the houses seen in the pictures below.
What is smart in this? The parking structure is made with Deltabeams and hollow-cores, precast floor elements. The benefits are e.g.
1) assembly can be done efficiently during winter time and very fast,
2) there are height savings as the beam and floor slab are same (less digging leading less costs),
3) the structure allows even ceiling and limits the amount of columns (=long spans of beams and hollowcores), making the parking experience nice even with larger cars. 


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