December 2, 2013

Multifunctional Deltabeam

I had the opportunity to visit last week a site in Southern Finland, a public building in a brand new residential area.
What I found pretty interesting in this Opinmäki campus concept in Suurpelto, was the objective of the building. Not only for one use only. In addition to school and day care also library services, adult education, cultural, sports, youth and residents' park activities are also offered at the campus.
So no longer only schools, but all public services under one roof!
And of course what I also liked in the project was the use of Deltabeams and Peikko´s composite columns: giving clear flexibility during the lifetime of the building.

Flat ceilings, with Deltabeams

3-story-high composite colums, fast to assemble

Composite colums filled from the bottom,
 to able good concreting inside the column.
Have also a look at the electricity wires;
 helping casting in minus (C) degrees.

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