January 30, 2014

Pre-cast factory in multistorey building?

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Singapore, a city next to Malaysia with some 5-6 million people. It was nice to experience all the activity of the city, again, one issue started to bother me. Next to my hotel there was a construction site for a subway station, and for my luck the site was open all day and all night. Not much for sleeping when hearing the alarms from trucks when backing up before unloading the products J


It was interesting to meet construction professionals of the country and learn about the dynamic environment. I also learned that in order to meet the land plot requirements, several precasters are now planning to perform operations in 2-level factories. This I have never seen, a pre-cast factory having two floors – let me know if you already know a factory like this existing? Seems to be almost mission impossible, with all those very heavy components.

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