March 25, 2014

Cast-In Place the Latin American way

I was last week in one Latin American larger city watching the building site next to my hotel. There were several building sites on-going in the neighborhood and certainly precast solutions were NOT used in one of them.
I counted a total of 23 workers working in the city center of this large city, working on one floor slab in one of the first floors of the building. The workers were like ants going around this cast-in-place/ in-situ floor slab, and during the week I stayed in the city I saw no casting of concrete; just endless reinforcement works. 

My estimate is that it would take minimum 25 weeks for this crew to finish the frame of one floor in this building. When the total will be around 30-40 levels high at the end of the day it takes some 30-40 weeks more assembly time compared to pre-cast alternative. Why could hollow-core floor blanks not be used, with an assembly team of some 5 persons involved, with one floor up within 1 week?  I became to wonder whether the factor of time was not a part of the exel-sheet of the investor of this building.

It is amazing to see the efficiencies and the inefficiencies in the construction sites around the world. Labor is nowhere cheap anymore, neither is time.  What is wrong with this industry when it is using always the method of "how we have always done"?

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  1. make that 50 weeks build time when the World Cup is on