April 15, 2014

TERA Joint goes to China

High quality storage buildings require excellent floors, regardless of the country.
A flooring designer and contractor selected Peikko´s TERA Joints for a project of a cold store for end-customer Swire Cold Chain Logistics CO., Ltd, located in the city of Langfang about 70 kilometers from city of Beijing. The Size of the cold store is 20 000 square meters and project consisted of some 0.6 km of hot-dip galvanized TERA Jointsfloor joints. Not a very large project on Peikko´s measurement, but first and important one for this Chinese customer.

Why did the customer select Peikko? Peikko made a floor joint layout proposal to avoid joint opening beyond practical limits caused by the low operational temperatures as well as load transfer capacity comparison of the original design and Peikko solution. A technical proposal that works.

I am happy about the success of TERA Joint in China, more project starts are just around the corner.

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