May 20, 2014

High-rise precasting near Toronto, Canada

It was a great pleasure for me to visit a customer and a co-operation partner of "Stubbe´s Precast" the other day. Located near Toronto, Canada the company is a good example of a well-managed, independent and family-owned precast operation.
The goal to increase the customer benefits was visible in all the discussions I took part in, whether the discussion was about design systems, manufacturing machinery, detailed technologies of individual products or some other changes. And a lot was on-going at Stubbe´s.
I was also impressed about the quality of exterior wall surfaces. None of the individual applications was rocket science itself, again, I have seldom seen so many different applications in one factory premises. Impressive!
All in all, I am proud that Peikko can do co-operation with Stubbe´s, also with Deltabeams. 
Efficient factory in the countryside, plenty of space to grow.

These look tiles, however, they are not tiles.

Bill Stubbe, in front of a element.
The pattern looks like stones, again, they are not stones.

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