May 2, 2014

Peikko connections – for the pure amusement

One of the oddest projects during last winter months for Peikko´s wind turbine foundation team was a special project in the amusement park of Linnanmäki in Helsinki.

The project itself was small, however, difficult in communication, time table and technical application. After all, the project was done and customer requirements were met.
What was the project about? A new 75 meter machine to take people up and then to release people down with extreme speed, up to 23 m/s. This new ride called the “KINGI” should be the hit of the season.

And what did Peikko do exactly? Provided the foundation of this KINGI: design, anchoring system etc. Our wind turbine foundation team worked on the project exactly similar to normal wind turbine foundation, again, the usage was not to make energy this time. Or maybe the rides will, after all, produce a lot of positive energy for the persons taking them, who knows?

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