June 6, 2014

Nice living in nice living rooms - Luxenbourg

Logisbourg, a developer of Quebec City, Canada, wanted to do something different. It wanted to build an apartment building with special features, characteristics that make good financial sense. The solution was a building frame with Deltabeams and hollow-core floor slabs.

What was so different?
First of all, the living room area was able to be much more spacious/was build like an open concept: the Deltabeam  plus hollowcore did not limit the spans.  The Deltabeams used had a span of 7 meters and hollowcore 11 meters.  The use of load-bearing walls would have had many limitations, particularly in the living room area - the feeling of the space for the users is definitely there.  

Secondly, the building was constructed in no time at all. One level was up within 6 days. The fastest levels were up in merely 3 days !
Thirdly, as there are no load-bearing walls, just beams and columns, the developer can any time make any lay-out modifications to the building. There are many things that can happen in the next 50 years, and the frame is ready for any kind of new challenge - e.g. change of the individual apartment layouts or even sizes is relatively easy.

And last but not least, the architect was happy for all the freedom the structure gave. Not to bother with walls was good for him!

After all, to select Deltabeam made a good financial sense: the end-users like the apartments even more, and are naturally also willing to pay more rent for them. 

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