August 11, 2014

Even the cows love column shoes

I had an opportunity to visit a farm in Eastern Finland during my vacation - the farm was owned by a relative of my wife. Not only was it nice for me who had seen a farm last time in 80s, but also as a teaching lesson for my kids the visit was very important.  
The amazing thing was the cleanness and efficiency of the farm. The place was like a small clean factory where all the things were on their places. The core of the operation was a milking robot, automatically milking the cows. And the computer operating system was for sure as effective as the one used at Peikko - predicting precisely what a particular cow might milk this time.
The new building for the cows had been built only recently, and I was happy to see that Peikko´s column shoes and anchor bolts had been used for the precast beams and columns, supporting the whole building.
Now our whole family knows where the milk they drink is coming from...and again another application where Peikko´s items are used. 

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