August 27, 2014

Precast walls in Russia - with Peikko connections

It looks like so that there will be shift from cast-in-place to precast in Russia, coming more faster than one did think.
I still saw last week many traditional building sites for residential construction, just like in below. In order to make a cast in-place wall structure the crane movements are e.g. the following:
1. lift the reinforcement bars in
2. lift the mold on the left side in
3. lift the mold on the right side in
4. lift the concrete in
5. lift the mold on the left side out
6. lift the mold ont the right side out.
Total of 6 crane movements per wall.  
Traditional cast-in-place building site.

For precast buildings, it is not very difficult to calculate the crane movements.

1. lift the precast panel in

Total of 1 crane movements per wall.

Precast building site - still cranes needed, but goes much faster
Precast walls - faster construction. Time is also money in Russia !

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