August 20, 2014

The new, hard-working Peikko unit in Germany

The discussions started in summer 2013, with Peikko approaching a German company KHK. The bottleneck of Peikko was certain key production capacity and there were at the time no physical space, nor the required know-how to run the these capacity investments in Peikko´s location in Germany.
And then, in May 2014, KHK became part of Peikko.
What has changed in a tiny city of Brotterode, in Thüringer Forest area of Germany,  other than new Peikko logo outside the factory building?
Several new workers hired, new machinery purchases on-going, a lot of orders waiting to be delivered. A factory which used to make 2 shifts is now working day and night, serving the customers all around Germany.
It is nice to see a dedicated team, so busy with actions!  

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