February 27, 2015

Eliminating waste - how to make designers/purchasers to work properly

When in the business of concrete connections, I see always in the precast factories piles of old special connections which are "left-overs" from some projects. Connections have been designed or ordered wrongly from Peikko or some other supplier, and because the unique nature of them the pallet is left to stay in the factory for the next 5-7 years, prior somebody is so brave that scraps it.

I was privileged to visit Markuciai, Peikko´s customer in Lithuania and was walking in a corridor from office section of the factory to the factory. And then I become to wonder what are all these parts.... And some part had won even the first prize !!!!

What a clear system to eliminate waste. All employees were forced to walk every day by the left-over components from the projects to 1) think whether they could be used by some other project and 2) to remember to not to do similar mistakes no more. 

Yes, the designers and purchasers mostly responsible were under pressure when they started this practice, again, the left-over scrap is only a fraction it used to be in this company. And everybody knows this issue is important. 

Good job, Markuciai !!! 

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