March 22, 2015

The ultimate office space with Deltabeams

One can construct an office frame easily and fast with Deltabeams & hollow-cores, or one can use hundreds of supports/propping and make it more difficult. The Ultimate Business Garden of PEAB was luckily done by using Deltabeams. 

The project located in Helsinki, Finland, will be an office of the Danish service giant ISS and the Swedish construction company PEAB, to be taken into use at the beginning of 2016. 

The below pictures I took about a week ago when I visited the site with Peikko´s two new Board of Director members. During our tour we also saw three other Deltabeam building sites in Helsinki area from our car as well as one building site done with in-situ concrete, with a lot or propping and only 7-meter spans between the columns. One can see the difference already from distance!  

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