May 6, 2015

A shopping mall in an Island

Some of my friends are living in an island of Lauttasaari (can be directly translated as "ferry-island" in English), and life there is very extraordinary. 

Even though this suburb of Helsinki, Finland, is well connected to city centre with highway bridges and soon also with subway, the people living in this area are somewhat patriotic; there are many who have lived there all their lives, and have their parents or sisters/brothers living there. This island is one distinct territory with regards to kindergartens, schools, church, sports clubs etc. 

And now the new "heart" of the island is under construction, a new 20.000 m2 building with 6000 m2 shopping area so that even for shopping the locals do not need to visit the "evil" areas outside Lauttasaari. 

The initial structural design was in-situ casting, however, the shopping mall is constructed by using Peikko´s Deltabeams and Composite Columns - also facilitating the speed of construction. 

 High quality facilities for high quality Lauttasaari people!


  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. On the 3rd picture on the left side is a very interesting solution. On the reinforced columns is a rigid reinforced beam tied with bolted connection using HPM +HPM i suppose. The function in the structure is for horizontal stabilisation with this rigid frame. Greate solution I have to use in the future.

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