August 19, 2015

Peikko supports Youth For Understanding

Some things may have a long impact to our lives. 

I spent a year in Dallas, Texas in 1988-1989, as an exchange student in an American family, studying as a senior in the local high school. The year changed my attitudes and my thinking, not only taught me new culture and improved my language skills. And I also got another set of father and mother for my life. 

The year was organized by an organization called Youth For Understanding. Peikko Group is currently donating money for scholarships so that also the current youngsters of Finland may be part of the exchange year experience, particularly for those aiming to spend their year in Germany. 

The need for international interaction and respect for other cultures is still there; nothing has changed. Also in business we need more and more persons that have the ability to understand beyond the words. One can learn a lot by being part of facebook- or gamegroups, however, living a year in another family in another culture is taking the learning to the other level. 

Peikko supports YFU students, and hopefully some of these students are changing the world to be a better one because of their experience. 

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