October 26, 2015

Health care centre: flexible use of space through Deltabeams

In the city of Järvenpää, Finland, there is a new health care centre construction work on-going. A building company NCC is building a "Myllynkulma" complex providing various kinds of health care services for the citizens of Järvenpää.

The smart design of this building is a prime example of ultimate building frame flexibility. The frame structure is allowing all kinds of changes during the lifetime of the building, thus making sure that the building may be used efficiently in all situations. E.g. areas can be easily moved from receptional areas to standard hospital rooms, and vice versa.

See how open the levels are during time of construction - all other walls will be done by non-load-bearing light-weight walls.

And all this is possible through the use of Peikko's Deltabeams.

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