February 11, 2016

Deltabeams used in residential building in Quebec City, Canada

Logisbourg is an innovative Canadian developer operating in the area of Quebec City, with more than 1000 apartments that they lease out by themselves.

They have one residential building done with Deltabeams ready, one is under construction and one is about to be started. The buildings are called Luxenbourg I, II and III, and more info on them may be seen at www.logisbourg.com.

Deltabeams give e.g. height benefits in the car park levels of these buildings, see e.g. a picture of the car level in Luxenbourg I:

In the On-going Luxenbourg II there was yet another idea used. The Deltabeam was pre-cambered, thus the shape was not exactly straight but the beam was round. See below a picture from the first level of parking- the water sewage systems are the rails left and right, and the pre-cambering of the beams shapes the floor in such a way that water flows nicely to the sewage.

Below a picture from the 1-level of parking , where the pre-cambered beam may be seen from the bottom side (=ceiling is not straight):


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