April 14, 2016

Which one would you choose? A truss or a DELTABEAM?

Peikko has been part of constructing a shopping mall called ISO OMENA in Espoo, Finland. The construction has been done in several phases, and the last phase was given to Peikko to deliver from the construction company SKANSKA.

In the phase that Peikko delivered, even in the case of very high loadings, Peikko's DELTABEAMS were used, and the beams had a height up to 700 mm/ 70 cm. 

Due to the contracting of various phases, the phase that Peikko's products were used were in part fully joined with the earlier phase, made by another building method by another company.

Please see below a sample of this kind of section where on the left you can see (in dark grey) competitor's solution, and the right (in white), the bottom flange of Peikko's DELTABEAM. 

Which ceiling part one looks better? :-) 

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