May 23, 2016

Details make the construction work faster

I had an opportunity to visit a multi-story building site of a large hospital where Peikko has delivered its composite frame, both Deltabeams and composite columns. In that building site there were a number of nice details see, greatly minimizing the assembly time of the project.

First of all, together with its beam/column deliveries Peikko had provided a leave-in-place steel  plate for pipe sections, see below. No safety fencing required, the places of the piping will be cut with plasma just afterwards. Estimate was that in this kind sections it would have taken weeks of manpower to do the sections in the traditional way.

Secondly, Deltabeams had built-in connections for concrete facade elements.

Thirdly, Deltabeams had built-in connections for balcony slabs.

Easy, integrated solutions!

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